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Still a long road ahead for smart cities

In 2007, while working on a blueprint for the technical deployment of a smart city project in the middle east; the infrastructure was not so complex, we had thought of connected devices but the Internet of Things economy was in its absolute basic infancy so the development of applications was really just reduced to a control platform of data exhibits. In hindsight, we were limited in our vision for the city by the screens and devices we would have to deploy to get mobility incorporated and last mile connectivity ensured.

11 years hence, I am excited to be working on another huge project for a citywide deployment. Assessing the deployment in terms of readiness of the city technology base, its use in the creation of a suite of smart city applications and adoption by the residents; there seem to be a myriad possibility if only the right model for the right city be deployed.

The most significant barrier, however, seems to the sensorization of the city infrastructure. Something that was co…
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Crypto Money Laundering - Are we ready for this ?

Ciphertrace just reported that more than $700M was stolen from Crypto Exchanges in the first six months of 2018. The current market cap of the top 100 cryptocurrencies globally is around $250 Billion. With a thousand plus of cryptocurrencies and globally distributed exchanges; a new crop of cybercriminals is emerging - The Exchange CyberCrims.

Most exchanges and startups issuing new coins are not regulating the identity checks of the users and most of them are represented by anonymous addresses. This is a big loophole in creating trust in the system.

When crypto criminals stole $2000 in coins from me in a transaction a few months back; it was even difficult to trace or enable regulation to trace the transaction. They were gone and the services were never performed. The laws trail behind as always. Cybercriminals 1; You Zero.

Corporate and Economic Espionage

It's not what you are imagining. A well fitted Daniel Craig stealing your company data files on an NFC induced cellphone while drinking a martini with you. Not that. 

A former Apple engineer was arrested by U.S. authorities at San Jose International Airport while preparing to board a flight to China earlier this week and charged with stealing proprietary information related to Apple’s self-driving car project.

Your economic espionage agent may not be a fabled operative; it may just be your employee. Sometimes a trusted one. 

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, intellectual property (IP) accounted for $5.06 trillion in value added, or 34.8 percent of U.S. GDP in 2010. IP alone accounts for over 40 million U.S. jobs and over 60 percent of all U.S. exports. U.S. companies have a lot to lose.

What makes employees commit economic and corporate espionage? Most workers are unconcerned about the privacy of corporate information: More than half (56%) of employees in a recent survey s…

Mass Entrepreneurship in China

Over 200 square kilometers in the north of Nanjing is now a high-density technology outpost set up by the China Government to compete with Silicon Valley. 

For the China Government, investing in innovation is a huge priority. The startups in Nanjing are innovating for the use of the Chinese Government. Is this the reason for the onslaught of the US-China Trade war?

Three out of the Four most valuable companies in the world are Chinese. A discussion by the Trump administration to prohibit Chinese capital in the US has sent worry into the fundraising strategies of the Silicon Valley venture funds. 

While the US blames China for "Economic Aggression", China is executing the most ambitious economic policy based on tech innovation as we speak.

Innovation by millions of startups funded by the government to enable 2025 Made in China Economic program offering tax-free status and subsidies to most of the innovating startups.
This is truly a country executing "mass entrepreneurship an…

Mach 5 is enough- Boeing

I was introduced to Boom, a startup in building supersonic aircrafts a few months back and that spurred my own personal research in this space. 

Having spent the last two decades traveling across continents on 18-hour flights; sometimes spending 24 consecutive hours landing at 3 countries and therefore airports;   the sound of supersonic flying means the world to my painful, broken back and perpetually jet-lagged body and mind. 
A Mach 5 aircraft can also be built more affordable than an aircraft that goes Mach 6, 7, or 8 because it would use readily available titanium for its structure instead of materials like composite ceramics to manage the heat produced at higher speeds.
The G-force feeling upon takeoff would last  12 minutes as the plane accelerated to cruising speed but I can only imagine the cruising-altitude experience.  The view of the earth’s curvature at the horizon and the blackness of space above would be such an upgrade to bar-booze-movie-sleep travel. Will this be the end…

When church and state collude

As of Wednesday afternoon, the constitutional right to abortion access in America is living on borrowed time.
Anthony Kennedy’s resignation is a blow to women across America. Just listed amongst the top 10 countries unsafe for women , now we will find ourselves listed on the list of countries with repressive rights for women .
This may be the beginning of the end for Roe.
To understand why the end of abortion rights for women is assured now , it is important to recognize that Roe is already effectively dead letter in many parts of this country. In 1992, the Supreme Court—with Justice Anthony Kennedy’s vote—substantially submerged the impact of  Roe in Planned Parenthood v. Casey by stating that while abortion falls within the “liberty” protected by the Constitution, different states  may enact their own abortion laws whether or not based on health or liberty of women as long as it does not impose ‘ undue burden ‘ upon her.
The republican victory is based on these tactics. Roberts, Ali…

Did you know that Smart Cities are all about Women ?

A smart, knowledge based economy is the basis of an evolutionary society. Smart cities are not the buzz words that they may be determined to be by many skeptics.Smart cities pave a way to a safe, smart urban environment- the tenets of which are based upon knowledge, information and learning.

Not only it is necessary to identify the different ways women live in a city, but also to underline the active role a woman can have.  

We live in an urban world. Our cities contain more than half of the world's  population, and in the next few decades, a huge part of the population will gather up in conurbation.
This urbanization process is brought to complex dynamics, in terms of economic and social environmental impact. 
The concept of “smart city”, in its resultant sense means an urban environment which is able to actively operate in order to improve the quality of life of all stakeholders in the process. 
The smart city is able to conciliate and satisfy citizens, business and institutions exig…